Author: kabouscorpion

Press Statement – Current situation of Media Freedom and Protection of Human Rights 3rd January 2017

The Office of the Incoming President had written to the Outgoing President to request for the opening of communication so that agreements could be reached on a transitional agenda that would ensure the release of those who are detained without trial and prevent any new arrests and detentions without due process. The Office of the Incoming President regrets that the climate of cooperation which commenced after Outgoing President Jammeh accepted the results of the 1st December 2016 Elections is evaporating after he changed his original position. The Office of the Incoming President wants it to be known that it...

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Statement from Office of Incoming President

This is a statement from the Office of the Incoming President on the pronouncement of the Outgoing President. The remarks from the Outgoing President, broadcast over GRTS, which were made during talks with representatives of the Africa Bar Association, who are on a Fact Finding Mission, deserve a response from the office of the Incoming President. It is important for the Gambian people, in particular, and the world, at large, to understand the political situation in the country. Currently, there is an Incoming and an Outgoing President. This is a Constitutional and political fact that should be a primary...

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