The Gambia Professionals Database

The Database of Gambian Expatriates is the brain child of the Diaspora Consultative Council. Twenty-two years of brutal dictatorship, has resulted in the outmigration of thousands of Gambians in all works of life. Many of these have gone to become experts in their fields and trades. The Barrow administration is keen on engaging those who have the skills and time to help rebuild a new and more prosperous Third Republic of The Gambia. This database is meant to facilitate such access and be assured that only the Barrow admistration will have access to any information you give here. Please take time to add your name and how you can be contacted. RegisterLogin

Instructions for uploading your CV/resume and/or other documents

  1. Upon successful completion of your registration, log into the Participant Database.
  2. To upload your resume, cover letter etc.,
    1. Click on the item Drag or click to upload a file or multiple files to upload your documents OR
    2. Drag and drop the document into the item Drag or click to upload a file or multiple files.
  3. The same instructions can be used to upload your picture, preferably a passport size or portrait photo.