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My Story
Adama Barrow (born 16 February 1965) - President of The Gambia.Mr. Adama Barrow, declared winner of the 1st December 2016 presidential elections, is a member of the United Democratic Party (UDP) and Flag bearer of the coalition formed by seven(7) opposing parties. Prior to his presidential campaign, Mr. Barrow was the treasurer of the UDP and CEO of Majum Real Estate.
Early Life & Education
President Adama Barrow was born on the 16 February 1965 in Mankamang Kunda, a small Jimara village near Basse. As a young boy, he attended the local Koba Kunda Primary School but then continued his secondary education at Crab Island Secondary School in Banjul before receiving a scholarship for Muslim High School also situated in the capital city of Banjul.Mr. Barrow worked for Alhagie Musa & Sons and rose through the ranks to become the sales manager. In pursuit of further education, Mr. Barrow traveled to London in the early 2000s to study for a degree in real estate. Like many foreign students in London Mr. Barrow was able to finance his studies by working as a security guard at an Argos department store. In 2006 Mr. Adama Barrow returned to The Gambia with his degree and a business plan.
Personal life
Mr. Adama Barrow is happily married to his two wives Fatou and Sarjo Barrow. Together they have five children. He is a devout Muslim, a loving husband and a caring father, who says “faith” guides his life and politics and often invokes Allah in his speeches.He has been very vocal on his support of the English football team Arsenal.
Business Career
In 2006 upon his return from studies in the UK, Mr. Adama Barrow established Majum Real Estate and has since been chief executive officer (CEO) of the company up to his running for the presidential office.
Political Career
In 2016, Mr. Barrow was chosen by a coalition of seven opposition parties as their endorsed candidate for the 2016 Gambian presidential election. He was the treasurer of the United Democratic Party (UDP). Prior to his election to office, Mr. Adama Barrow has been little known by the general public or within the political sphere as he held no previous public office. Referred to as the “new kid on the block” Mr. Barrow went on to defeat the long-term incumbent, President Alhagie Yahya Jammeh, to the surprise of many. President Barrow is to be sworn in at the end of the term of the current president, an event that will mark the country's first change of presidency in 22 years and its first change of presidency by democratic means since independence from Britain in 1965.Mr. Jammeh initially conceded defeat and indicated that a smooth transition of power would take place, but days later rejected the election result.Barrow has called for President Yahya Jammeh to give up power peacefully.
Campaign Promise
Mr. Barrow has promised to return The Gambia to its membership of the Commonwealth of Nations and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. He also promised to reform security forces, suggesting that they should be "distanced from politics".Mr. Barrow has said that, if elected, he would set up a temporary transition government formed by members of the opposition coalition and would step down within three years.
Ethnicity & Views
Mr. Adama Barrow comes from a very rich ethnic background which makes him an ideal unifier of The Gambia. He was born into a family of multi-ethnicity. His father is from the Mandinka group – which forms the majority in The Gambia and his mother is from the Fulas. He grew up speaking the Fula language and both of his wives happen to be Fula.When asked about his views on the topic of ethnicity Mr. Barrow he said he has mixed ethnic background and that he has no preference for any one particular tribe.“tribalism will not have a place. I am the least tribalistic person you will ever see. I have mixed ethnic blood in me. I am a Sarahule, Mandinka and Fula. Two of my sisters from the same mum and dad are married to Jolas. So, tribe is not important. What is important is that we are all Gambians and should unite and work for the progress of our country.”